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Principles of Organizational Design and Optimization

The Leadership Challenge

Building an optimized organization is a leadership challenge that extends beyond human resources. Implementing an optimization program is disruptive and often forces employees to act in new, uncomfortable ways—focusing on open knowledge sharing, transparent accountability, and widespread collaboration, all of which require personal vulnerability and, thus, discomfort.

Where successful, however, organizational optimization programs have the potential for transformative short—and long—term rewards, including driving out inefficiency and ineffectiveness, improved margins, and improved customer experiences. Once the new optimized culture takes root, the system often becomes self-sustaining, self-policing, and self-propagating, paying dividends for years to come.

What You’ll Learn

Organization Optimization: What & Why

Aligning and leveraging organization resources

Driving profits and building effective market responses

The 4 Key Elements of Optimization

Process design, workforce development, role clarity, and goal setting

Designing a process to drive peak performance

Organization Structure: Formal and Informal

Formal structure for and authority

Informal structure for reinforcement

Building a Sustainable Program

Sustainability to build enterprise value

Building buy in, effective communication and incentives

Case Studies

Ford Motor Company’s “One Ford”

InBev’s acquisition of Anheuser-Busch


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