Strategy Development and Implementation

A robust company strategy is the foundation for long-term value creation. A compelling and sound strategic plan improves chances for success and sets the stage for the development of a thriving business. Navigare helps you develop and implement strategies, standing shoulder to shoulder from inception through implementation.

Our Practice
Plan Facilitation Internal & External Assessment Strategic Opportunity Development Implementation

Plan Facilitation
Developing a solid strategic plan is a full-time job. Most small to midsize businesses lack the resources needed to plan thoroughly while simultaneously focusing on day-to-day operations. We help you manage the details and logistics needed to do both successfully.

Internal Assessment
A fundamental understanding of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses is critical to lay the foundation for growth. You need clear mission and vision statements plus a fully developed set of core capabilities and SWOT analysis to develop successful strategies for growth. Drawing on our functional expertise, we supplement your specific knowledge to create a comprehensive internal assessment.

External Assessment
Strategy development demands an understanding of the competitive landscape coupled with industry and market insights. Knowing where the market is going and how competitors are likely to respond helps to craft operational plans that minimize external risk. We have the resources and experience to research and create a comprehensive overview of your competitive environment.

Strategic Opportunity Development
Identifying the playing field and target customer base is the first step to creating strategic options for long-term growth. Once identified, and when combined with robust internal and external assessments, multiple options can be developed to exploit prospects for growth. Our experience identifying practical strategic options helps clients create an actionable road map to capitalize on opportunities.

Successful implementation programs turn strategies into action plans. Implementation includes development of sound test plans and execution road maps as well as creation of measurement protocols to ensure success. We have deep experience turning plans into reality to maximize long-term success.


Case Studies

An Industry First Solution

There comes a time when it becomes necessary for a business to re-invent itself.  The reasons for this can be many; some are complicated, some not so much. Notwithstanding, it is not enough for an organization to recognize and accurately define the root cause of this...

Board Level Planning

Boards are often sources of insight and innovation needed for organizations to thrive but sometimes Boards are made up by members who have trouble identifying new opportunities for future growth.  Focused leadership and external advice is needed to help find the model...

International Expansion

International expansion is a viable strategy for companies seeking to grow their businesses. It’s a strategy for diversification, for servicing new and existing clients, and for achieving sustainable financial growth. Before venturing into these new markets, a...

New Revenue Development

Investing in and leveraging from existing core capabilities helps to maximize return on investment and increase chances for success during the launch of new product lines or distribution channels.  Identifying the true core capabilities of businesses provides a firm...