Operational and Organizational Optimization

Optimization of operations and organizations is an ongoing process necessary to keep pace with an ever-evolving market. New skills, processes, and cost structures are required to reflect a changing internal and external landscape. Navigare helps you find and implement the right process improvements to reduce costs and eliminate inefficiency, leading to better business results.

Our Practice
Operational Effectiveness Operational Efficiency Organizational Improvement

Operational Effectiveness
By maximizing use of all resources, effective organizations can reach the greatest financial performance and customer satisfaction. To improve operations, it’s critical to identify success metrics and track performance against them. We work with you to identify key leverage points, develop plans to improve performance, and implement tactics to achieve your goals.

Operational Efficiency
Efficiency gains are not solely realized from cost management. While constant cost management is critical to success, efficiency gains also come from supply chain optimization and more effective use of existing assets. Navigare’s history of delivering effective solutions ranges from spotting cost reductions to improving processes – from ideation through implementation. We can also help you establish a culture of constant efficiency improvement.

Organizational Improvement
Constant evolution in the marketplace demands constant evolution of an organization to meet new challenges. New skills are needed to meet new requirements, and organization structure has to evolve to make the most of existing resources. We work with you to identify gaps in skill sets, develop and implement new structures to meet needs, optimize sales force effectiveness, and develop plans for long-term organizational strength.

Case Studies

An Industry First Solution

There comes a time when it becomes necessary for a business to re-invent itself.  The reasons for this can be many; some are complicated, some not so much. Notwithstanding, it is not enough for an organization to recognize and accurately define the root cause of this...

Technology Value Proposition

By focusing on the vital few elements of its value proposition, an established technology company was returned to sustainable, profitable growth. A well-established technology company had hit a soft-spot in its growth trajectory – with poor profitability and weak cash...

Organization Change

Long standing business models quickly become obsolete in today’s environment of rapid, disruptive change.  Focused and ongoing organizational evolution is a critical ingredient in a winning company formula. Situation and Complication A consumer products company was...