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      Corporate Development

      Companies must evolve and grow to thrive for the long term. Acquisition often allows accelerated growth while reducing startup risk. Successful acquisition activities increase market share and reduce risk through diversification. Navigare provides experienced end-to-end corporate development solutions to help you achieve long-term growth goals.

      Our Practice
      Acquisition Strategy Valuation & Diligence Deal Negotiation Deal Execution Financing Integration

      Acquisition Strategy
      Successful M&A activity starts with a well-defined strategy to communicate the desired outcome. Performance improvement, consolidation, market, and product expansion are some of the many reasons for pursuing acquisitions. Navigare can help you find the right strategy and define target attributes to improve rate of success.

      Deal Generation
      Once the strategy is in place, a deal funnel to identify potential acquisition targets can be built. Screening criteria and prioritization protocols help sift through opportunities and narrow focus to the ideal target. We work with you to develop deal flow and help identify optimal acquisition targets to meet overall goals.

      Valuation and Diligence
      Rigorous modeling based on performance metrics and market assessment drives overall valuation of the acquisition target. Disciplined due diligence is a cornerstone of success to test assumptions and confirm results. Navigare’s team works with you to accurately model likely outcomes and validate underlying assumptions.

      Deal Negotiation and Execution
      No acquisition deal can be successful if the deal structure and terms are not well defined and negotiated. Drawing from our deep wealth of experience, we help you create and execute the right deal structure to meet your goals and improve your success potential.

      Multiple options exist to finance transactions. Identifying and implementing the right basket of options will help maximize return on investment. Navigare’s institution-agnostic approach helps you find the right structure for your specific needs – and the right financing partners for long-term success.

      Too often sound acquisition deals fail to realize financial potential due to sub-optimal integration of operations. Integration efforts are started after deals close or are treated as an afterthought. We firmly believe that integration must start well before deal closing and is a critical aspect of successful acquisitions. Our project planning skills help you achieve your objectives with little disruption to ongoing operations.

      Case Studies

      Post-Merger Integration

      Post-Merger Integration

      Too many mergers fail to fully realize all of the identified deal value; too often the shortfall is a result of failed integration efforts.  Post-Merger Integration is critical part of any M&A activity and it’s frequently relegated to post closing as an...

      International Expansion

      International Expansion

      International expansion is a viable strategy for companies seeking to grow their businesses. It’s a strategy for diversification, for servicing new and existing clients, and for achieving sustainable financial growth. Before venturing into these new markets, a...

      Corporate Finance

      Corporate Finance

      A Navigare principal-led effort supported an already successful middle market firm to extend the Company’s reach into Europe through design and execution of a robust corporate development function capable of effectively managing complex, cross-border M&A...