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      Navigare Advisory Partners is a leading Middle Market management consulting firm. We work with our clients to identify opportunities, create and implement strategic plans, with the goal of achieving Sustainable Value CreationSustainable Value Creation is the core guiding principle behind Navigare – we guide our clients to achieve maximum enterprise value..

      Strategy Development and Implementation
      In the face of rapid and disruptive market change, no company can afford to live with an outdated strategy or stagnant business model.

      Navigare’s pragmatic and solution oriented approach to strategy development and our deep experience in implementation helps our clients uncover and execute transformational growth strategies.

      Corporate Development

      With proper strategy and focus, Corporate Development activity can be a strategic advantage to provide an edge that competitors will struggle to replicate.

      Navigare’s experienced and innovative approach to Corporate Development helps our clients reach their goals with greater success and reduced risk.  With deep experience from strategy through negotiation through implementation, Navigare helps clients achieve Sustainable Value Creation.

      Operational and Organizational Optimization

      Every business, no matter how well run, faces the reality that inefficiency and ineffectiveness in operations and organization creep in over time.  Maximizing margins and improving productivity will free up your capital and your human resources to maximize profits and growth.

      Navigare’s team of seasoned, insightful and focused professionals works with their clients to identify lasting opportunities to improve profitability, efficiency and effectiveness.

      Corporate Finance

      The role of the CFO has evolved dramatically.  CFO’s now play the critical role of strategic business partner, creating and enhancing value across the entire business.

      Navigare works side-by-side with executives to identify and capture value within the finance function and across the organization.  Navigare’s pragmatic and insightful focus helps our clients supplement existing finance organizations and build new capabilities needed for sustainable success.

      Corporate Governance

      Corporate Governance is the policies of an entity enabling stakeholders to navigate towards its goals. A company’s policies and procedures keep it focused on the preferred outcome and helps avoid unintended obstacles.

      Navigare’s wealth and diversity of experience and insightful advice helps our clients achieve their goals through active participation as members, advisors and facilitators.

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