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      Greg Laubach

      Managing Partner & General Counsel

      A Managing Partner and the General Counsel of Navigare, Greg is a dynamic and strategic legal and business executive. For more than 25 years, Greg has been a trusted advisor, confidant and executive, influencing business strategy and execution across the enterprises for which he has served. Whether at the Venable law firm, Marriott ExecuStay, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marriott International, or Planet Depos, a global legal services firm, his acute business acumen and thorough understanding of legal issues and their implications has driven top and bottom line growth to his clients, global public companies, and for privately held business and family offices alike.  Greg is recognized and respected for his business and legal instincts, and intense commitment to enterprise success.

      A skilled negotiator and deal closer, Greg has sourced, negotiated and closed countless acquisitions, joint ventures and other business relationships as platforms for growth. He has identified legal and business opportunities across U.S., Europe and Asia markets, and has been instrumental in transforming companies from local and regional businesses to global enterprises.  Industries in which he has focused include hospitality, real estate, government contractors and professional services firms.

      The commitment to success for his clients, partners and those on all sides of a transaction is Greg’s mantra. His collaborative approach and persuasive style and broad knowledge enables him to forge relationships with stakeholders at all levels, leading to mission and enterprise success.

      Greg earned his BA and JD from the University of Pittsburgh. He is active in many community and charitable activities, including Best Buddies International and Myriam’s Kitchen, and has served on the board of numerous other charitable organizations and companies.  Greg is an avid golfer and outdoorsman, and resides in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife and three children.

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